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All-Star Idaho Chess Team

Idaho's best and brightest students are preparing for several prestigious upcoming championships including the Las Vegas Chess Festival, the Elementary Chess Nationals, the Meridian City Chess Championship, the Sun Valley Chess Championship, and the World Open Under 13 Championships. At Vellotti's Chess School, these players are sharpening their skills to see who will be crowned the 2016 Chess Champions!

You may enroll your child in our Honors Program if they would like to improve their chess and play in tournaments, either local, regional, or national! To learn more about all of our programs, classes, tournaments and events for students ages 5-13, please visit our website at www.SuccessInChess.com.


Parent Testimonial

"We want to thank you for believing in our son and encouraging us to add him to the SuperNationals Team. With hard work and dedication, along with your guidance and teaching, he has made progress every month. In addition to giving him a sense of accomplishment, chess teaches the concept of strategy and develops future leadership skills." - David & Kanaka S.